Friday, August 29, 2014

Food Around Town

Subway is usually a safe bet because you can pick what goes on it. I got a six-inch beef riblet sub and even splurged to get a chocolate rainbow chip cookie because it looked so good. We went shopping at Pak-n-Save and stocked up on some food: bread, cereal, Mexican food ingredients (tortillas, cheese, salsa), pb, and pasta packets. Carbonera is a pretty common thing here, and they do have alfredo, so we'll see how those flavors taste. Problem with grocery shopping is we have to haul it a fair bit away.

We returned to the university to try to get some things sorted out. Like at home, no one knows much about taxes or what our liability might be, although you'd think these questions would have been asked before. We got our Metro bus cards as well as a free student planner (which I've been hunting for since I got here and considering how much paper costs, is sweet!).

Tomorrow we get to see our cat in quarantine! And go for a drive around the area with our host.
Kids take bicycle-riding lessons as part of school.

Cute name!

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