Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lakes Wanaka, Pukaki, and Tekapo

On the drive from Queenstown to Tekapo, we stopped for lunch in Wanaka, partly so I could snap a photo of the famous tree there. It's pretty cool -- a tree out a ways into the lake -- and the surrounding scenery is sweet too. There were several other people also snapping photos (some with really big, expensive-looking cameras on tripods) and the weather was sunny and clear. It's hard to go wrong for photos in this middle section of the South Island.
standup paddleboarders enjoying the lake

some ducks along the shore

Then it was on to my favorite rest stop by Lake Pukaki. The blues were gorgeous as usual! We also picked up some Mount Cook Alpine Salmon at the little shop there for later.
And the last stop of the journey was Tekapo, which has a lake of the same name. It stayed light quite late, so we were able to take a nighttime scroll and check out the famous Church of the Good Shepherd in the dark. We tried out my camera's manual settings and got some nice photos with the stars.

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