Thursday, January 21, 2016

Abel Tasman National Park - Harwoods Hole and Wainui Falls

The drive from Nelson to Abel Tasman National Park is fairly manageable, although we weren't always sure our car would be able to make it up the hills. Our first hike was at Harwoods Hole Track which leads to the deepest vertical shaft in New Zealand. Unfortunately when you get to the end of the track to see the hole, it is covered by bushes and rocks so you have to envision what you saw on the website. Some people are crazy enough to descend down there with ropes, but we enjoyed the rock formations and headed back, using the walk to brainstorm entrepreneurial ideas post-graduation. It's amazing the insights you can have while out and about in nature not being stressed. Later in the day we hiked to Wainui Falls, which is a big and loud waterfall.

Harwoods Hole
Rock above Harwoods Hole
I've never seen leaves like this before


isn't this the sweetest little mushroom?!

Awesome grooved rock formation

Cool roots

View opposite the start of the Harwoods Hole Track
Wainui Falls

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