Friday, January 29, 2016

Nelson City

Nelson itself also had quite a lot to do. We stopped at a little fruit and veggie store on our walk downtown and I picked up blueberries and peaches. The Saturday market had a surprisingly large number of vendors, and I found some art and a book to buy. I also picked up a carton of fresh strawberries while D picked up a delicious garlic sourdough loaf.

There was some nice architecture and a very weird store window that I took a picture of. You find the weirdest things out and about sometimes.

The Nelson Provincial Museum was small but good. I really enjoyed the Women of WWI exhibit which featured a whole room full of mannequins dressed up in styles of the time. But what was interesting was the stories on all of these amazing women who pushed and persevered to serve their country and those in need during the turbulent war years and beyond. It really inspired me.

not that long ago, when Britain still ruled the world...

Nelson's cathedral

weird shop window with bat iphone things and a baby horde

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