Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

On our visitors' final day in New Zealand, we went to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, which we hadn't been to before, and which is supposed to be the best place to see kiwis around here. It was a good experience and we were able to see lots of native New Zealand birds and other animals. The kiwi enclosure was quite large and we saw three kiwis moving around! One was right next to the gate. They're nocturnal and the enclosure was a quiet zone in low red light, so no pictures. We also got to see pukeko chicks for the first time -- pukeko are one of my favorite birds here, so that was a real treat. I would definitely recommend Willowbank for those who like wildlife and want to see some kiwis while they're in New Zealand.
Cape Barren goose


Pukeko chicks


Paradise duck

Golden Pheasant


Kunekune pig

Kunekune pig



Long-finned Eel

Crested Pigeon

Black Swan

Kea Parrot


Tuatara Lizard

Extinct Moa birds

Duck and ducklings in the parking lot

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