Monday, July 4, 2016

Melbourne: First Impressions, Southbank, and Colonial Tramcar

I finally made it to Melbourne, Australia, after numerous people raved about how great it was. Final summation? It’s overhyped – and Sydney is still my favorite – but still pretty cool. It is renowned for having lots of good restaurants, so I attempted to try some new things for dinner while making breakfast and lunch in the apartment to stay on-budget. That’s why there are lots of food pictures (which normally I don’t take!) and mentions. There is also quite a bit of cool architecture and lots of art around the city.

We tried out a Taiwanese street kitchen place on the evening we arrived. My noodles were very tasty.

Taiwanese stir fry noodles
Taiwanese lemon chicken
The next day turned out to be Queen’s Birthday, a public holiday, so we decided to postpone our trip to the Melbourne Museum (it was packed with kids). Instead we walked around the city and over to Southbank, along the waterfront, before having dinner on the colonial tramcar restaurant. This was a gift that had been prebooked, and it was a nice, fun way to have dinner and see some of the city’s neighborhoods at night (there were also unlimited drinks). 

Roasted red pepper and cream cheese dip and hummus
Beef, potatoes, and veggies; chicken, potatoes, and broad beans
Chocolate mousse cake
Vanilla panna cotta with poached ruby quince
(i.e., jiggly white sugary thing with tart red thing)

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