Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tasmania: Wineglass Bay

There comes a time when you have traveled enough, especially around places like California and New Zealand, that scenery starts looking nice but not spectacular. That largely encapsulates the Wineglass Bay lookout, which is plastered over all the marketing for the east coast of Tasmania, although the 2.5-hour drive up there was a nice, scenic one. We saw Maria Island again from a rest stop - it has a lovely profile.

There was also a little bridge called Spiky Bridge built by convict labor that looked pretty cool. A kind of Game of Thrones look.

We also stopped at Kate's Berry Farm along the way, and I got an expensive ($16.00!) piece of humbleberry pie with cream and ice cream. I haven't had fruit pie in a long time though (since pie in NZ is savory rather than sweet) and it was good.

The steep hike up to the lookout over Wineglass Bay was tough, but it was a nice view and the curve really did make it look like a wineglass. Back near the carpark, we saw some wallabies vacuuming up crumbs from the tourists (or eating dirt?). Then it was the long drive back to Hobart.

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