Monday, August 3, 2015

A Day of Culture around the Opera House

We went to the Contemporary Art Museum in hopes that it might have some understandable art. I didn't enjoy the exhibition of electronica “art” with headphones and static, buzzing, and other electric noises. The room with the projected image of the sun and the scent sticks of ozone was alright. There were a couple cool pieces elsewhere, mostly about the aboriginal resistance to colonization. Photos were allowed, so I took a couple of those to share and remember. We left our stuff at bagcheck and went to The Rocks Discovery Museum which was free. It was a small museum but an interesting look into the history of convicts (who were mostly tradespeople who forged a note in Britain or some other small crime) and The Rocks area. It got cleaned up and is now a tourist area with fancy shops and restaurants! Ah, gentrification. 

The Rocks Discovery Museum
Getting to go inside the Sydney Opera House and hear Azar Nafisi discuss "The Power of Literature" and her new book The Republic of Imagination was a true highlight of the trip. I picked up our tickets at the box office (no ID! they're so trusting here) and wandered around the gift shop, which had a bunch of really cool items, until the room opened for the talk. Azar was great - very passionate and an advocate for the importance of reading books in modern times. She talked about the loss of vision in the U.S. and how scary this should be to citizens, even though it is not as obvious as the authoritarian states. The room had a great view of the water and I think most of us could have stayed there listening and asking questions for hours.

Afterward, we walked around the Royal Botanical Gardens and took some nice pictures of flowers and birds.

the ibis can be found everywhere in cities as a trash-hunter

most royal magpie, in the dark

most royal magpie, in the light

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