Friday, August 14, 2015

Abbey Medieval Festival

We had a fun day at the Abbey Medieval Festival, advertised as the biggest annual medieval festival in Australia. It's a great concept for a museum fundraiser (supporting the Abbey Museum which is about an hour north of Brisbane). We arrived right as it opened so we could see the parade of all the reenactors, and then the rest of the day was spent walking around to the various booths, watching fights and archery tournaments, eating fried bread (cinnamon...mmm), going to the adjacent Abbey Museum (full of artifacts from most major civilizations for some reason), then getting our photos taken in medieval costume. D bought a fleur-de-lis pin for the upcoming conference and I bought a medieval magnet poetry sheet. The weather was quite windy early on, but it let up by the afternoon. It was cool seeing all the people dressed up in a variety of costumes and styles and learn some more about medieval times.

obligatory Magna Carta exhibit - it's the 800th anniversary so Australia & NZ are obsessed

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