Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gold Coast and Springbrook Mountain

We drove down to the Gold Coast and went to Springbrook Mountain which was inland a bit. It was covered in rainforests with several waterfall lookouts within easy driving distance from little parking lots, as well as the "Best of All Lookout" at the top with great views of everything. It was a bit freezing when the fog was rolling through, but otherwise not too bad. On the way in, we stopped at the visitor information center and the old man guide told us what sights to see. He was perpetuating the koalas-are-drunk-because-of-eucalyptus-leaves myth, but we didn't correct him. 

view of Surfers Paradise from the park

When we had our lunch at a picnic bench, I took some "artistic" photos of my strawberries against the foliage. They must be in season somewhere in Australia because they have been on sale at every grocery store so I haven't been able to resist buying them. 
After the park we headed to the famous Surfers Paradise on the coast. It was like a smaller Vegas or Miami with huge skyscraper hotels lining the beach and lots of shopping and restaurants. We walked along the waterfront where there was a classics car show and then through the mall before driving back to Brisbane.

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