Saturday, August 8, 2015

Australia Zoo

We went to the Australia Zoo (founded by Steve Irwin's parents and now plastered with his family's images) and spent the day there seeing the animals and shows. It's about an hour's drive north of Brisbane. Highlights were:
  • Bird and crocodile show: I was very nervous for the trainers! There were so many crocodiles at this park. 
  • Tiger feeding: The trainers showed us how they feed cream to the tigers and are able to draw their blood without having to put them under anesthetic. They are such gorgeous creatures. Pretty much huge cats.
  • Kangaroo petting: There's a big enclosure where they just roam around and tolerate the visitors petting them.
started off the bird and crocodile show with...a dinosaur?

dingos are so cute

The cassowary is 3rd tallest bird (behind ostrich and emu) in the world.

definitely can see the link to dinosaurs with huge, three-toed feet and sharp claws

I think this lizard was trying to blend in by being super close to its sign.

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