Saturday, October 15, 2016

South Island Itinerary: Arrowtown and Queenstown

I only took a few photos in Arrowtown since I've been there before, but it was a little bit different having the snow on the mountain in the background. It's a cute little town, only a short drive from Queenstown, and we went through the museum there again. I was surprised by how much I had remembered from the last time - it's quite a good museum for the region.
Then we drove back to Queenstown and went on the touristy cable cars since we hadn't done them before. Definitely overpriced, but the views from the top overlooking Queenstown were amazing. It's just like the postcards! There's a Jelly Belly store up there and some jelly bean art on the walls which was fun. There was still some snow on the ground up there as well.

Handy guide to what you're looking at. 2,500 feet above sea level
and 1,496 feet above Queenstown

Crazy person bungy-jumping near the top

It's quite a steep ride up and down!
The view from our hotel in Queenstown was also quite beautiful. I definitely recommend getting a place with a view if you can find one. It was lovely in the morning with the sun rising and in the evening with pink skies and at night with the lights from the city.

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