Wednesday, October 12, 2016

South Island Itinerary: Queenstown Skiing

There are three skifields within a relatively short drive from Queenstown, so I finally decided to try out skiing since the scenery can't be beat. After plunking down a fair bit of money for all the gear (then another $10 to rent a locker) and getting fitted with the hard-to-walk-in boots, I had a fun day taking the beginner lessons and starting to get the hang of it on the bunny slopes. It is a cool feeling once you feel a little more in control, and they have conveyor belts so you don't have to awkwardly maneuver too much to get back up to try it again. I can definitely see how it can be an addictive sport. The drive up and down the mountains was pretty harrowing - there aren't guard rails for a lot of it - but the old car made it, and the views from The Remarkables were just that - simply breathtaking. There are views across the valley and the snow-covered mountains were beautiful.

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