Sunday, October 9, 2016

South Island Itinerary: Willowbank

Next stop on the South Island itinerary (still in Christchurch) is Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the best places to see kiwis because they have a red-lit area with five kiwis, so you are virtually guaranteed to see at least one. We saw three last time, and got to see all five this time! And, I was able to snap my first actual photo of them where they are visible, but admittedly, this was only because they paused to mate (I think) and were mostly still for a few seconds. Otherwise, they are the jitteriest and most mobile of creatures! Lots of pacing.

How cute are these ducklings?!

These geese are supposed to look this way. Cracks me up everytime though!

My favorite, pukeko

Another Cape Barren Goose - these are a regular at parks

Children with food bags are very near...

Precious bunnies

Precious lambs

Kunekune pig - not interested in us

Kereru wood pigeon - so big

Tuatara lizard
The elusive kiwi birds! Has a carrot-looking beak.

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